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Born from the fusion of the two villages Luché and Pringé at the start of the 19th century, the town is located:

  • 1 km from La Flèche,
  • 8 km from Mans,
  • 1 km from d’Angers,
  • 1 km from Tours
  • and 211.3 km from Paris.

Luché-Pringé, a town of less than 2000 inhabitants, boasts a rich architectural and natural heritage. With seven protected monuments, Luché-Pringé is home to the third most historic monuments in the Sarthe region. Under a historic monuments protection, named an Architectural, Urban et Landscape Heritage Protection zone, the village is one of the 7 municipalities of the Sarthe region to be named “Little Villages of Character” since 2001. Luché-Pringé has a distinctive architectural and landscape heritage characterised by historic authenticity.

There are lots of cultural, festive and sporting performances throughout the year in Luché-Pringé.