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Privacy policy

Deposit of cookies

The consultation of this site involves the deposit of cookies (also called plotters) on your computer.

Purpose of the deposit of cookies

This site uses the services of Google Analytics to measure the audience of the site and analyze the use that is made of it. The data collected via cookies are thus transmitted to Google.

We ensure that these cookies respect the standards of protection of personal data.

For more information on this feature, we invite you to visit: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/6004245

Oppose the deposit of cookies

The deposit of cookies can be blocked at any time thanks to the parameters of your navigator by accepting them or refusing them on a case by case basis or systematically. Depending on its configuration and needs, the user may block all or part of the cookies of the Site, third-party cookies, etc.

These settings are in the following menus:

  • Google Chrome / Chromium: Settings → Show advanced settings → Privacy → Content settings in the Cookies section
  • Mozilla Firefox: Tools → Preferences → Privacy, in the History section
  • Internet Explorer: Tools → Internet Options → Privacy, in the Settings section
  • Safari: Preferences → Privacy, in the Cookies section
  • Opera: Preferences → Advanced → Cookies

However, we inform you that the blocking of certain elements is likely to degrade the conditions of navigation